The Rio Grande Southern "Galloping Goose"

  These pages are dedicated to photos and information about the unique rail vehicles built by the Rio Grande Southern Railroad, called "Galloping Goose". The Galloping Goose was a product of the Great Depression.

  The Geese were introduced by the Rio Grande Southern Railroad as a more economical means of transporting freight, mail and passengers.

  The Galloping Geese added an extra twenty years to the life of the railroad, but in 1952, the Rio Grande Southern abandoned its railroad forever.

  All but one of these vehicles survive today, although a wonderful reproduction of Motor #1 has been created by Kark Schaeffer, for the Ridgeay Railroad Museum. See it here. Also have a look at John's new website, Talk Bonsai.

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Goose #1   Goose #2   Goose #3   Goose #4

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